Our History

Capula’s history traces back more than forty years, during which time the company has existed in a number of guises.

Starting life as Instem, the company provided programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to clients before trends in water automation in the 1980s saw an expansion into panel build and control systems. The ’90s brought with it a number of landmark power station control system refit & refurbishment projects and an increase in the use of automation in nuclear waste storage.

The turn of the century saw our markets starting to see the value of real-time business intelligence, and how it can optimise plant performance while also delivering cost savings and helping to achieve environmental compliance. In addition, we began seeing value in the provision of 24×7 support contracts with key clients, notably National Grid and Drax Power, while site-wide automation, data analysis & reporting saw growth in the oil & gas markets.

Capula was acquired by Imtech in June 2012 and we are now able to draw on the capabilities of this technical services provider.