Power Generation

Capula’s sophisticated process control systems operate some of the UK’s largest power generation plants and efficiently meet the energy needs of over 36 million people. Our engineers have a deep understanding of industry processes and we have been collaborating with some of our clients for over 20 years.

Capula has control and automation systems installed and operational at the majority of the coal-fired power stations in the UK. These comprise complex process control and protection systems and sophisticated control and automation software which ensure the safe and efficient operation of these plants.

Capula technologies have been implemented on a number of Combined Cycle Gas Turbine plants (CCGT) in the UK. Our solutions provide enhancements to improve efficiency and optimisation of processes.

Capula is also a leading provider of automation systems for coal-fired plant conversions to biomass power plants. These projects have involved the modification, expansion and upgrading of control systems on large coal-fired power stations to enable the plant to burn renewable energy fuel. We also provide automation control and protection systems for new-build biomass power plants and modification and upgrades to existing renewable energy power plants.