Cyber Security

Whilst a connected industrial enterprise brings with it some exciting possibilities, including the smarter operation of organisations’ complete systems, it also introduces some new challenges. The online threat to industrial control systems (ICS) is greater today than ever. Cloud computing and the increased abilities of hackers are constantly worsening the situation. While corporate IT had been the preferred target of hackers until now, they have begun increasingly to turn their attention to the ICS environment.

With extensive domain experience, Capula has been at the forefront of implementing ‘secure by design’ solutions for decades. Our 4 step approach to cyber security protection offers complete digital resilience as it helps to mitigate the risk and potential threat of a cyber attack by addressing vulnerabilities before they have a major business impact.

Complimenting your existing compliance programmes, our experts are trained to implement a comprehensive approach to security comprising of 4 processes; Review, Assess, Identify and Defend. This approach helps you understand if your management policies and processes, personnel and equipment, in fact your complete organisational landscape is operating at optimum effectiveness.


Furthermore, any remedial actions deemed necessary can be effectively deployed by engineers you can trust.


“Our depth of knowledge, embodied in our highly skilled, experienced and committed team, truly sets us apart. Our engineers have achieved the highest levels of certification; the Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) and Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP).”  Lee Carter, Principal Cyber Security Engineer at Capula.


As cyber attacks continue to evolve and become more targeted, it is of paramount importance to businesses that their automated operations and processes continue to function reliably and withstand these new threats. The serious consequences of a security breach could prove catastrophic for businesses both in monetary terms and for their professional reputation.

Capula’s cyber security services help safeguard our client’s most valuable assets. We offer bespoke services tailored to meet our clients specific system requirements, constraints and budgets.  Following initial consultations and system audits, we provide guidance on developing advanced cyber security programmes, secure network design and the implementation of policies and procedures to detect and prevent intrusions.

Understandably, we’ve been successfully applying and perfecting our practices and policies in-house for quite some time. Our tenacity has certainly been worthwhile and we have earned our reputation as a trusted source for solutions that operate some of the UK’s most critical infrastructure. With all our solutions, we ensure that security is factored into their design from the outset and that systems are future-proofed for further enhancement and modification.