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OPUS IoT solutions

The OPUS range of connected IoT solutions for industry allows you to exploit the growing potential from industrial digitisation by simplifying your existing landscapes, or introducing new offerings and business models to create dynamic business environments.

OPUS integrates multiple assets types and puts all your asset data in one place, giving you the freedom to manage that data in the way that works best for you regardless of the size and scale of your organisation. Robust data management techniques, powerful analytics and advanced visualisation capabilities, make it quicker and easier to turn your asset data into transformative business value.

To develop OPUS, we partnered with leading solution providers, including ThingWorx, then applied our in-depth understanding of large scale industrial control and automation to tailor the OPUS technologies for application in the manufacturing, energy, utilities and building management sectors. OPUS transforms production and materials handling equipment and heating, lighting and ventilation (HVAC) systems into a single, secure, cloud-based platform, regardless of the equipment manufacturer or communication protocol used.

Logical approaches to development of your solution: 

  • We adopt a fast and iterative approach when developing prototypes and delivering your solution, which is then further adapted on a case by case basis
  • The well-crafted OPUS solution architecture means it includes embedded high value-added application business logic
  • Built on the innovative ThingWorx platform with its shared code, which is well-tested, with high value common use cases for all industries offering best practices for success
  • Proven scalability and secure: size and complexity pose no issues when combined with our in-depth domain knowledge and understanding of large scale industrial control systems
  • Open and extensible; means it is flexible and can be adapted according to your future business requirements

OPUS can be used in a wide variety of control, monitoring and management applications which typically include:

  • Building access, HVAC and lighting control
  • Energy management
  • Network visibility
  • Materials handling system control and monitoring
  • Production line visibility
  • Predictive manufacturing

Capula is the right partner to support your organisation on its Industry 4.0 journey. Find out how OPUS can make a significant impact on your business performance, by contacting marketing@capula.co.uk for more details.



OPUS IoT Solutions can be implemented in water/wastewater environments for monitoring and maintenance, wastewater facility monitoring and water quality checks.

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City Infrastructure & Transport

City Infrastructure & Transport

OPUS IoT Solutions are suitable for city infrastructure and transportation requirements including smart lighting, fleet management, smart parking and much more...

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OPUS Building Performance Management

OPUS Building Performance Management

OPUS BPM solution is a configurable enterprise building management solution that has been designed to allow organisations to manage their complete operations.

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