Project Description

Blackburn Meadows Renewable Energy Plant

In November 2011, E.ON began construction of a biomass renewable energy plant at the Blackburn Meadows site in Sheffield. The 30MW(e) and 25MW(th) renewable energy plant will produce enough power for around 40,000 homes by converting recycled waste wood into electricity as well as supplying hot water for a local district heating scheme (CHP). It will displace the emissions of 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, the equivalent of taking more than 20,000 cars off the UK’s roads, by burning carbon neutral fuel in place of traditional fossil fuels like coal and gas.

ANDRITZ Energy & Environment (AEE) were selected as the Boiler Island Contractor to provide the fluidised-bed boiler plant, flue-gas purification plant, water-steam cycle , air cooled condenser and ancillary plant. TGM Kanis were selected as the Turbine Island Contractor supplying the turbine and generator. Geo Robson & Co were selected to supply and install fuel handling systems which received the fuel, transports to a storage area, and conveying, screening and feeding into the

How we helped

Capula was awarded two contracts for this project; one from ANDRITZ Energy & Environmental for the supply of the full electrical systems including the main DCS system Boiler Island, and balance of plant systems. A second contract was awarded by Geo Robson & Co to deliver the control system for the fuel handling plant which had to be integrated into the main DCS system. E.ON placed a sub-contract with German turbine specialist TGM-Kanis for the supply of the steam turbine/
generator. This plant has a packaged control & protection system on it which also had to be fully integrated into the main DCS system by Capula.

Boiler Island

The Boiler Island contract was responsible for the main plant DCS system which was a Siemens PCS7 DCS system. This was the responsibility of Capula. A key requirement of E.ON was that the design standards across the whole plant must be stipulated and coordinated by ANDRITZ Energy & Environment such that system designs are uniform and standardised across the whole plant. ANDRITZ Energy & Environment has passed this partly over to Capula. Capula undertook this key role which involved production of detailed design standards and coordination – in cooperation with ANDRITZ Energy & Environment – with third package
suppliers. The two main third party packages to be fully integrated into the DCS were the turbine plant and the fuel handling plant

Secondly, Capula’s scope included the full electrical systems – in cooperation with ANDRITZ Energy & Environment – design and installation on the boiler and turbine buildings, FGT areas and ID fan building. This included the fluidised bed boiler, fuel dosing, flue gas cleaning, water treatment, waste water treatment, ash handling, chemical storage and dosing systems. This included the electrical cable installation of all of the power cabling, power distribution cabling, control signal cabling and communications network cabling. Our scope also included for the design supply and commissioning of the low voltage switchboards & motor control systems, majority of the variable speed drives and invertors, UPS power supplies, standby diesel generator, and finally the lighting and small power throughout the two main buildings.

Fuel Handling Plant

Capula provided the AS and RIOs for the fuel handling contract along with the software for these systems. The software was coded, in accordance with the client’s requirements, to Capula’s strict Quality Assurance procedures. The control and monitoring covered a number of activities:

  • Receipt of biomass at the offloading points
  • Bulk transfer of biomass to the store
  • Reclaiming of biomass from the store
  • Bulk transfer of reclaimed biomass to the intermediate biomass fuel Silos for onward transfer to the combustor

Capula was responsible for the interconnections and interfaces between the fuel handling and boiler island contracts to ensure a seamless transfer of biomass between the two parts of the project. For both contracts, Capula were responsible assisting with loop checking and functional commissioning through to the Site Acceptance Tests and supported AEE through the Reliability Trials to successful completion at the first attempt.

Capula’s expertise and experience in this sector helped us to simultaneously manage multiple contracts on the same project, for different clients with the common goal of delivering an efficient and technically advanced plant that will serve the Client and its customers for many years to come.