From our initial collaboration with COPA-DATA in 2009, the professional relationship between COPA-DATA and Capula has grown from strength-to-strength.

With customer needs and technological advancements as a priority, COPA-DATA are continually advancing their versatile software, zenon. This not only enables us to adhere to international standards (such as IEC 61850, IEC 61400-25, IEC 60870 and DNP3) but quickly, safely and accurately engineer projects with ease.

Many members of our team have attended and collaborated at COPA-DATA UK’s insightful local events and have attended and gained certification from several official zenon training courses hosted by zenon experts.

This prompted us to join the COPA-DATA Partner Community, in 2015, in order to further reinforce existing relationships, affirm industry collaboration and to lay the foundations of an even closer working partnership.

Capula is currently using zenon to provide the site human-machine interface (HMI) for substation control monitoring as part of Capula’s Imperium Substation Control System solution. This technology provides a site based monitoring and control point for both the operation and maintenance of the substation. Access to a zenon web server also provides visibility of the substation from a remote terminal on a secure network to monitor asset and operational health as well as efficiency monitoring.

An example of a Capula project including the application of zenon:

ISCS2012 installations at 9 National Grid substations across England & Wales, which have been installed between 2012 and 2016.  National Grid’s entire SCS (substation control system) framework fleet will be upgraded to this standard by 2020.

A significant number of Capula’s professionally qualified engineers are experienced in these technologies:

– zenon energy edition

– zenon web server

A team of Capula engineers have been formally trained at COPA-DATA’s offices in the UK to enable them to work collaboratively to deliver the solution in line with client’s requirements. This team of engineers also deliver operator training for the zenon HMI to end clients.