'Tech' Talks

Monitoring Systems

Using the latest Internet of Things technologies, OPUS extends the capabilities of your metering infrastructure, providing accurate, real-time consumption data for critical assets and energy-intensive processes.

Automated Reporting

OPUS Reporting makes your energy data work for you by providing a fully automated end-to-end solution for energy performance monitoring and reporting. The system transforms energy performance reporting from an overhead into a new source of value for your business.

Forecasting and Analytics

Our OPUS Forecasting and Analytics gives your organisation the power to predict and proactively control energy consumption, saving money, and improving the performance and efficiency of your assets.

Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response will be a key element of the smart, flexible energy networks of the future. Your existing assets could be playing a role in DSR markets, cutting costs, earning additional revenue and helping the transition to cleaner, more sustainable power production.