Do you know how big your carbon footprint is?

Whether your driver is cost, carbon or compliance, our Energy Management System (EMS) can deliver tangible results by connecting you with the data you need to make more informed business decisions.

Key Benefits

Reduce Energy Costs

Detect avoidable energy use that might otherwise remain hidden. Flag anomalies in consumption e.g. malfunctioning equipment, air or water leaks, or lights switched on over night.


Supporting management strategies e.g. control costs, environmental impacts & meet the requirements for environmental/energy system standards e.g. ISO 150001, LEED v4.1 etc.

Manage Targets

Target setting e.g. to reduce waste per KPI by 5% per year. Calculate energy and carbon targets rationally to reflect achievable performance - often targets are set without consideration of practical application or achievability.

Make informed decisions

To support investment appaisal/decisions for equipment upgrades & retrofits. e.g. Project verification to ensure that anticipated savings from a lighting upgrade project have been achieved.

Record, monitor, visualise and analyse energy consumption across your entire buildings’ portfolio

With over 50 years experience of delivering large-scale control, automation and energy management systems to industrial environments, our end-to-end Energy Management System (EMS) connects the enterprise with the data it needs to better optimise its energy performance.

How it works?

Our Energy Management System (EMS) uses open standards to easily connect to currently installed customer metering, directly or via an existing building management system. Or we can help to recommend, source and install new metering compatible to your business that can then be connected to.

Our low scale entry point means you can look to benefit from greater energy insights – proving the value quicker and smarter than other solution providers.

Giving greater visibility of energy consumption and performance data, this solution can provide insight into areas that can be targeted for energy optimisation versus traditional monitoring, control and automation systems.

Our cloud hosted platform is able to collect datasets from legacy and new systems regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. It’s an extendable and future-proof solution for businesses of any size and scale.

Start to make your energy work for you...

Future proof your platform

Built on the backbone of a mature IOT platform that enables an evolution into advanced analytics and control systems to optimise your energy operation.

Real time energy performance and alerts

View your energy usage in real time and set alerts to notify users automatically to unexpected events and trends.

Start small and grow big

Start with a single building or operation and extend the EMS to include other locations, equipment or parts of the business to give a complete view of your usage as you need it.

Analytics and machine learning

Benchmark your operations and understand trends that can impact your decisions. Build in advanced machine learning and automation to improve operational efficiency.

Step 1

Collect Data

Easier than ever data collection that supports decision making regardless of equipment manufacture or communication protocols.

Step 2

Visualise and analyse

Combine live energy consumption management from multiple data sets into a single view.

Step 3

Measure, benchmark and share

Make informed decisions from rich, interactive applications, dashboards and collaborative workspaces.

Step 4

Plan, test & verify

Identify, test and finally validate any improvement scenarios for your assets, site or buildings.

Want to save on average 15p per every square foot?

Based on a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, surveyed EMS users reported savings (27 organizations, 687 buildings, and 94 million sq ft) achieved median cost savings of £0.15/sq ft and 7 percent annually, with savings shown to increase over time.

Visualise your data

Continuous energy monitoring lets you identify where you use and waste the most energy, allowing you to find energy savings. We visualise this information in easy to follow charts and graphs that help you identify key points of energy consumption. This would allow you to: see the volume of energy consumed, how it’s being consumed, what is consuming it, and how it’s affecting the environment.

Get a new perspective on your energy consumption. Analyse your energy consumption, costs and CO₂ emissions for a building, a site or across your entire property portfolio. Compare the performance of your portfolio, aggregate your data, and compare load profiles to see where optimisations can be made.

Making reports accessible...

Understand current consumption rates, costs and carbon creation equivalency for your organisation, sites and buildings. See reports showing which connected assets are generating the highest consumption and understand, your highest and lowest consumption profile over a period of days.

Use these reports to drive optimisation of CapEx investments in infrastructure and energy saving initiatives.

Understanding where and how energy is being used is the first step to improving energy efficiency. EMS allows for complete monitoring and targeting of energy consumption at both meters and sub-metering levels. The reports enable organisations measure, record, analyse and communicate meaningful energy data, to effectively manage their energy usage.

Respond to business needs...

Energy management systems are great for optimizing operational efficiency and reeling in energy costs. Whether you have an operation centre or you want to push email alerts to individuals, one thing is clear – alarms are a key way to help you respond to business needs. Utilising alarms and notifications will be a key step to creating a responsive and dynamic assessment of what energy consumption is happening on site.

Know when things happen and make push for operational excellence in energy consumption.

Use these reports to drive optimisation of CapEx investments in infrastructure and energy saving initiatives.

Example Application with EpiSensor devices

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