Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) studies

FEED studies are a vital part of any engineering project, from replacing a boiler for example, to building an entire recycling facility or sub-station. When conducted proficiently, a FEED study will minimise the cost and risks of any engineering project, ensuring that it runs to time and budget.

Our FEED studies are carried out by our fully skilled engineers, often with minimal guidance required from our client. Our engineers have spent years conducting countless studies for all types of industrial business, which has earned them broad industrial expertise, and which provides you with industry-leading knowledge.

A FEED study from an external expert such as Capula will enable you to issue a fully specified tender with accurate costs and technical challenges. Our detailed studies will also provide additional value and take in to account control and automation, which is an increasingly important element of modern engineering systems. In addition, we are technology provider agnostic, which means we will specify the best solution for your needs, driving down costs and ensuring that all systems work efficiently together.