GE Grid Solutions

Capula has a longstanding relationship with GE Grid Solutions as a key technology partner, and we regularly use their equipment as part of the mission critical solutions we offer across our markets.

We recognise that technology choice is based on a combination of our understanding of the client’s needs and the best solution to meet these needs; our deep understanding of leading technologies and their respective product roadmaps; our client’s perspectives on specified technologies for their enterprise.

As a long term partner of GE Grid Solutions, Capula invests in skills and technologies. In particular, we have extensive experience with their Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) range, including:


We currently integrate D20 & D25 RTUs into fully-functional substation control systems, and these are a feature of work we’ve done with the National Grid and other Distribution Network Operators.

Some examples of Capula projects including the application of GE Energy technology are:

National Grid – 65 substation control systems across the UK network
Central Network – Local Control Systems
Western Power Distribution – Telemetry replacement programme