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Materials Tracking

Materials tracking technologies offer considerable benefits to organisations that handle large volumes of industrial material for processing, conveying or storage purposes.  Materials tracking systems support process control, inventory and quality requirements by interfacing with a range of peripheral  systems across industrial facilities.

Capula has extensive experience in providing control and automation for materials tracking systems and has developed bespoke applications on significant power stations operating in the UK. Our expertise extends to delivering small systems to large complex materials tracking systems that require the most advanced engineering skills. Smaller systems can be managed solely with PLC and SCADA applications using bespoke data structures and standard SCADA HMI/reporting features, whereas larger systems may be based on Microsoft SQL server and Oracle database technologies. Larger materials tracking systems often take the form of a secure structured database with data events typically triggered by control system actions (eg product movement, quality check). These systems will often integrate data entry forms and reports and may have interfaces to other external electronic systems (eg site administration systems, vehicle recognition systems, ERP and MIS).

We have successfully implemented the complete coal, biomass and ash material handling systems, including on-site rail and vehicle delivery management systems at a major UK power station. At this facility the material tracking systems manage and process fuel receipt, storage and conveying whilst also supporting accountancy for both fuel supply (as well as by-product contracts). Additionally the system was able to manage legislative procedures including the administration of claims against the OFGEM renewable energy support schemes.

We have also implemented materials tracking systems for significant nuclear processing facilities and have delivered technologies that operate processes such as waste processing. Our clear understanding of the stringent security, safety and quality protocols particular to this industry, ensures regulatory compliance at all times.

Our engineers have many years of experience working with a vast array of equipment from many different suppliers and they have the capability to implement completely automated systems, or systems where a degree of manual intervention within the plant is required. The broad industry knowledge of both our hardware and software engineers enables us to seamlessly integrate existing or new plant equipment and we can also advise you on the configuration of other peripheral systems.