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Network Visibility

Capula’s network visualisation solutions ensure improved awareness of your network’s performance and deliver tangible benefits in terms of operational performance and management.

Network monitoring: Keeping an eye on the network helps with proactive rather than reactive maintenance, reducing unnecessary work and reducing the need for emergency work.

Capacity planning and network trends: Visibility of the network not only lets you see the present state of your network, but the need for costly new connections is reduced by better analysing the spare capacity in the existing network, allowing for informed, wise capacity planning decisions to be taken.

Custom dashboard views: We select the right tools that allow meaningful displays to be built that meet analytics and forecasting requirements. These displays help you analyse for improved understanding and take action when it counts.


  • Our experts provide guidance about data cleansing to establish your unique baseline in data patterns to be studied. Visualisation of the data can then be achieved by utilising bespoke applications and geographical web mapping services.
  • Visualisation tools and reports are customised with data captured from various sources including: external temperature data, asset data, fault record data, customer load referral data and connected generation data, all of which enhance your business decision making.
  • Reporting features allow for analysis of assets requiring attention and link into other business systems according to your operational needs, ensuring data is meaningful and tailored.

For a client operating within the oil and gas sector, Capula’s ability to deploy an asset monitoring system ensured improved visibility of their electrical submersible pumps to enable optimum use and extended life spans on their equipment. Providing them with monetary savings, improved plant visibility and the ability to move towards preventative rather than reactive maintenance.

When deploying our solutions for one of our clients, a DNO (distribution network operator), the client found that having visibility of their assets assisted with decision making in terms of prioritising maintenance, detecting faults earlier and enabled the client to make informed decisions on whether to commission new assets or redirect any spare capacity within the network. Such enhanced features delivered tangible operational performance and management benefits.

Contact our specialists who have in-depth knowledge of all of these significant features and more, that help organise and visualise your assets to optimise your operations.