Building Performance Management

The OPUS Building Performance Management solution is a configurable enterprise building management solution that has been designed to allow organisations of any size to manage their complete operations from any location through a single, integrated interface.

Industrial companies must operate a wide variety of built assets, from production facilities and warehouses to R&D laboratories and offices. Each of those facilities will contain its own systems to control utilities, heat, light and access, as well as dedicated production and test equipment. Most of that equipment is managed and controlled indepdently, leading to inefficiencies, duplication of effort and high costs.

OPUS directly addresses these challenges and uses advanced industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to integrate all those services into a single platform, regardless of the equipment manufacturer or communication protocol used. This simplifies management and greatly improves oversight and control.

OPUS is built on PTC’s Thingworx IoT development platform and the solution is the first outcome of a partnership between Capula and PTC.

OPUS operates as single platform across a range of operational functions including:

  • HVAC control and plant monitoring
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Inventory management
  • Electrical power distribution
  • Security & CCTV
  • Access control
  • Fire systems monitoring
  • IT system monitoring
  • Materials handling
  • Energy monitoring
  • Lighting control

With OPUS, security has been factored into the solution from the outset and advanced encryption features are applied to the data and the software binary deployed, as well as the endpoint/gateways connected to the cloud, offering advanced protection from even most malicious cyber threats.

The solution is easy to set up, manage and service and is built with operators and field service technicians in mind. Once deployed the manageability of the solution (provisioning, adding new features, inventory management) yields a high value return on investment almost immediately.

The solution is future-proofed and ready to accommodate advances in hardware architectures as well as cloud services, and features a highly configurable advanced operator user environment, the OPUS OpsCentre. A single management console and interface provides global views across multiple locations. The OPUS OpsCentre is capable of deploying information to users depending on their role, utilising multi-touch technologies.