OSIsoft PI to Thingworx Connector

Capitalise on your OSIsoft PI Historian and PTC Thingworx investments by connecting the systems


Simple and easy to install connector

To make things as simple as possible the installer will define the necessary prerequisites for the connector to work and walk you through the configuration and setting process.

30-day Trial

A 30-day trial period will be defined for anyone wanting to install it on a standalone server try the connector for themselves.

Seamlessly Connect OSIsoft PI and PTC Thingworx

Designed to let organisations leverage PI Historian data repositories directly within PTC Thingworx.

Real time data

AF Attributes can also be created, providing a means of traversing asset hierarchy data and providing real-time feeds. Individual PI points can also be configured.

Query data from OSIsoft PI using Thingworx

Data can be retrieved using the different modes available through OSIsoft PI, such as; recorded, interpolated and plot values

Writing PTC Thingworx data to OSIsoft PI

Combine your existing OSIsoft PI data points with data from PTC Thingworx. The connector will allow you to write data to both PI points and AF event frames, creating a new dimension of data collection and analysis. Alternatively, the connector can be set to read only mode.

Keeping OSIsoft PI and PTC Thingworx in Sync

Changing the configuration of PI data points will automatically be reflected in PTC Thingworx. Automatic Hierarchy Sync ensures that the AF Points are synchronised to Thingworx so any changes and additions are automatically reflected.

Event Frames

Use Event Frames in PI within your visualisations on ThingWorx, to be able show business context within your visualisations.


Leverage your operational information in new ways

Connect your existing Pi Historian data to your IOT platform quickly and easily using a no code.

Create visualisations and benchmark your operations from OSIsoft PI and PTC Thingworx together using the available tools in PTC Thingworx.

Utilise OSIsoft PI data as part of your situational awareness requirements in PTC Thingworx

Leverage the PTC Thingworx platform and Thingworx Analytics platform to create advanced analytics using your existing data.

Feed this information in to Predictive Maintenance models in PTC Thingworx Analytics.

Enhance your OSIsoft PI data

Add additional information from assets, data connected or generated in PTC Thingworx.

User Guide

A user guide for the connector can be downloaded from the link below. It covers the overall installation and configuration steps.

Try Capula’s OSIsoft PI to Thingworx Connector for free

Get a fully functional 30-day free trial of the connector.

Minimum Requirements

User installing connector must have administrative credentials for both platforms and the server where the connector is being deployed.

OSIsoft PI (2014+)
AF Server must meet minimum requirements as defined by OSISoft.

PTC ThingWorx (8.3+)

For full details, please refer to the user guide.


Capula’s OSIsoft PI to PTC Thingworx Connector is available at a number of different pricing tiers depending on your support requirements.


From £1500 / year
  • Per Server Licensing
  • Access to User Guide
  • Standard Support
  • Email Based Support


Phone for quote
  • Specific SLAs to match your requirements
  • Access to User Guide
  • Standard Support
  • Email Based Support
  • Mon-Fri Phone Support
  • OSIsoft PI Consulting services