OSIsoft PI Historian Link for ThingWorx

OSIsoft PI Historian Link for ThingWorx is part of Capula’s Operational Intelligence software suite, developed to extend the connectivity portfolio of the PTC ThingWorx platform. Using native components from both OSIsoft PI and PTC ThingWorx, PI Historian Link facilitates data transfer by providing a direct and dedicated connection between the two systems, enabling users to maximise the value of ThingWorx functionality by incorporating real-time data from an existing OSIsoft PI and AF installation.

Additional Details

Seamlessly access PI Historian data

Data retrieved through PI Link can be seamlessly utilised by ThingWorx components such as tree views, time series charts and tables to create visualisations and add value by combining PI system data with other sources.

Quick and easy installation

Installation and configuration is rapid using an intuitive installer. You can install and run it on any server with access to both the ThingWorx and PI Systems SDKs.

PI AF Import

Elements and Element Templates can be created as corresponding Things, Thing Templates and Networks to provide a unified view of hierarchical asset data across the two systems and allow easy integration with components such as tree views.

Real time data

AF Attributes can also be created, providing a means of traversing asset hierarchy data and providing real-time feeds. Individual PI points can also be configured.

Data query modes

Real-time data can be retrieved using the different modes available through PI: recorded, interpolated, and plot values depending on your use case.

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