PI Support Hand

OSIsoft PI Support

We undertake maintenance services to prevent system issues, down-time and loss of data. Our experienced support staff are on hand to provide clients with seamless PI system implementation activity and upgrades.

The PI System from OSIsoft is a powerful product suite for managing operational data and enabling business process improvements. As with any such enterprise software, good management practices are essential to extract the maximum benefit.

Capula has an unrivaled knowledge of the OSI PI System and OSIsoft Products. Over the last 25 years, specialists within our Operational Intelligence team have provided a range of professional PI System services including analytics and user-interface development, installation and configuration,  application and management training, consultancy and technical auditing.

Capula delivers, configures, integrates and supports the PI system across a diverse spectrum of industries. Our OSIsoft product offering provides a comprehensive set of components that allow clients from diverse industries to manage assets, optimise performance, reduce downtime, drive innovation and mitigate risk.

The PI System Data Infrastructure

Value now, value over time

With the explosion of data, it is no longer efficient or cost-effective to use conventional methods for accessing silos of data. It takes the PI System to connect disparate sources of sensor-based time-series data and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time in the right context.

Through a single infrastructure, companies are able to transform their business:

  • reduce downtime
  • manage assets
  • mitigate risks
  • comply with regulations
  • improve processes
  • drive innovation

As businesses expand into sensor-enabled equipment, more assets are streaming more data – increasing the need for and value of the PI System.

OSIsoft has installations in 127 countries and is widely used across manufacturing, energy, utilities, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, data centers, facilities and the process industries, as well as the public sector and the federal government. OSIsoft is headquartered in San Leandro, California, U.S.A, with offices around the world.