Programmable Logic Controllers or PLCs are specially adapted digital computers that form the backbone of control systems used within diverse industries. Capula has extensive experience and knowledge of industry processes, regulations and standards and we provide control solutions tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Capula’s has a history spanning over 40 years and as such has extensive experience in the automation and control arena. As an independent system integrator, we will provide advice on the most suitable control solutions in the market place. Working independently, we have developed links with several leading technology suppliers including: ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Rockwell, GE and Mitsubishi, in addition to other suppliers.

Our expert software and hardware engineers are skilled at designing, installing and integrating robust automation networks, from small stand-alone systems to large complex network systems for major projects, on a wide range of hardware and technology platforms using vendor application software. We are able to program small PLC’s up to large multi-rack configurations with several hundred I/O and man machine interfaces, SCADA, operator interfaces and remote control systems using the latest communications technology.

Our broad industry knowledge enables us to seamlessly integrate PLCs with existing or new plant equipment and we can also advise you on the configuration of other peripheral systems. We offer complete architecture design solutions that includes everything from field instrument/actuator and peripheral components, asset management, condition monitoring, network management, business integration, maintenance systems, historian to real-time data analysis. Whatever your requirements, Capula can provide guidance on appropriate controls for your systems and as we have a full understanding of your overall project objectives and industry processes.

We are able to address your requirements throughout the full life cycle of the system ensuring compliance with ISO9001 and IEC61508 and IEC61131 standards.



As an independent systems integrator our expert hardware and software engineers can suggest and implement the most suitable DCS technologies for your unique business needs. Capula has implemented numerous new DCS systems into large plants and we have seamlessly provided DCS upgrades/migration solutions that have provided considerable benefits to the client such as improved efficiencies and performance.

Capula DCS solutions are flexible and scalable and can be expanded or reconfigured at any time depending on increased capacity or technical modifications within your business environment. DCSs can be deployed as large, integrated systems, or as standalone systems that can be added to, depending on your evolving needs, with new controllers and inputs/outputs added throughout your plant as required.