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Health assessment and repairs service

Health Checks

Routine maintenance health checks are an effective means of preventative maintenance; issues can be identified and corrected before they have a major impact on the business.

We offer health checks for the breadth of systems we support, and these can be tailored to meet the specific client needs.  Our experts are trained to proactively assess and maintain equipment for many systems including PLC, SCADA, telemetry or network systems.

A System Health Check register is created and maintained for each health check, which documents all checks to be undertaken for a given system.  This live, working document is used by our skilled engineering staff to record all checks completed at agreed pre-defined periods.

Examples of some of the checks we undertake for a typical PLC, HMI and local control I/O are detailed below.

  • Enclosure Checks: Perform a visual inspection of the enclosure to check for signs of damage e.g. broken locks, corrosion, water ingress etc
  • Module Diagnostic Checks: Perform a visual inspection of the hardware modules to check any diagnostic LEDs/displays for warnings and errors
  • Software Checks: Connect a programming terminal and check any alarm/event logs and diagnostic buffers for information that may indicate a problem. A software backup of the application program may also be taken (depending upon the customer’s backup procedures)
  • Spares: Visually assess the condition and quantity of the current on site spares provision and provide recommendations where appropriate

We will make a complete review of your systems, identify recommendations for future actions and suggest a solution to reduce business risk and improve operational continuity.


Repairs service

Capula offer a fully comprehensive repairs service including direct repair of hardware components including Printed Circuit Board (PCB) through to full repairs management service including inspection, OEM management and final testing.

Our engineers have many years of experience working with a vast array of equipment from many different suppliers.