Safety Systems

Safety should be the number one priority within any organisation and implementing systematic safeguards is essential to keep employees safe and assets operating efficiently to reduce business risk.

Stand-alone Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are independent of basic process control systems and operate when the control system goes beyond its normal operating parameters. It is this layered approach to protection that reduces plant operating risks to a reasonably practicable level.

Capula has extensive experience in deploying SISs for clients operating process plant within extreme environments, where processes that create high pressure and high temperature take place, such as power generation, nuclear and oil and gas industries.

As an independent systems integrator, we pride ourselves on the ability to engineer SISs using a range of technologies such as relay based logic, programmable platforms and hardwired systems to meet your specific requirements.

Working collaboratively with you, our experts will develop a plan to interpret your complex safety requirements and realise a SIS that can be verified and validated. Our experts can also help in providing a straight forward route to complying with IEC 61508:2010 and/or IEC 61511: 2016.  Therefore, rest assured that all systems realised by Capula are compliant to the functional safety standard you require.

With our strong links with independent functional safety consultancies we can engage in a full functional safety lifecycle delivery programme from concept through to commissioning and modification.

Tap into the collective expertise of our expert engineers, solution architects and third-party partners who have the right mix of experience and skills to seamlessly integrate, deploy and maintain advanced technology solutions in your business environment.

Capabilities include:

  • Integrated control and safety systems
  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • Hot gas release detection systems
  • Multi fuel burner management systems