Service and Support: Assured Know-how

Delivering operational support to industrial assets, through-life

Boost the longevity, reliability and performance of your assets and increase your bottom line.

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We've got you covered

Without the proper maintenance and support your systems can become unreliable — leading to unscheduled downtime, product waste and a decrease in profitability.

The success of a business relies heavily on the reliability and productivity of its physical assets. But with prolonged use or improper management, failure of critical assets or a shortage of inventories is a real threat.

This in turn, leads to downtime that businesses can ill-afford.

Businesses must ensure that their high-value assets and equipment can run consistently over extended periods, supplying reliable and optimal output every time, with minimal failure.

But things can go wrong. Businesses need to know that when things do, they have someone ready to lean on with the experience and expertise to help get back online.

Whether you need technical support, on-site engineering expertise, or facilitated training, we have you covered.

Increasing Pressure

Our clients are facing increasing pressures to achieve optimum performance of their operations, assets and systems.

There are a number of factors that are typically driving this, including unplanned downtime due to ageing infrastructure, greater connectivity of Operational Technology (OT)/Information Technology (IT) introducing increased cyber risk, regulatory and environmental scrutiny and growing customer demand that increases the need for even greater levels of efficiency to remain profitable.

Environmental risk and regulatory compliance

Skills gap

Threat of cyber or physical attacks

Operational efficiency and MRO speed

IT/OT convergence and integration of new technologies

Assured know-how

Our focus is on contributing to the success of your business by improving operational performance, offering value based support, and extending the life-cycle of installed assets.

Our engineering teams have a wealth of experience in supporting a multitude of cross platform systems across the layers of automation, from databases, historians and SaaS applications; through to networks, DCS, PLC, SCADA, Telemetry and Drives.

Our vendor agnostic approach means we are able to support a range of proprietary industrial hardware and software systems. So even if your system was not commissioned by Capula, you have the assurance that we have the skills, experience and resources available to support you.

Whether you need technical support, on-site engineering expertise, or facilitated training, we have you covered.

Our Support team

Capula has a dedicated Service & Support team that focuses on customer care and support.

The team is comprised of multi-skilled engineers enabling us to provide a broad range of service and support options to our customers, with service availability up to 24x7x365 and rapid response times of up to 4 hours to site.

Support and maintain UK Critical National Infrastructure customers

Minimise unexpected downtime

Support profiling and management of CAPEX and OPEX budgeting

Deliver end to end life-cycle support

We help maintain and support some of the most critical operations throughout the UK

Assured know-how packages that suit every requirement

Our assured know-how packages can be scaled to suit whatever challenge you face.

And what’s more, whatever package best suits, you will be assured that our focus will be on mitigating the risks you may be facing and ensuring performance can be maintained.

Our Protect Package is designed to give you an assured level of support – at the end of the phone or email – when you need it. This package is  best for businesses that just need that extra pair of hands when a fault or issue is identified.  The Protect package includes:
  • Service desk logging
  • Telephone/email support
  • A dedicated Service Team for the duration of the contract
  • Service Contract Management via a dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM)
  • Annual SLA Report
  • Remote diagnostics
  • 1 annual site visit (system back-up, check and audit)
  • Access to PAYG services
You can maintain efficiency and resilience with our Protect+ package; we will help identify what you need and develop a plan  that best supports you and the reliability of your systems. With our Protect+ package – we help you identify which services will provide you with the most value throughout the contract – and will put in place an annual plan that:
  • Means you only need one purchase order
  • Gives you clear visibility and confidence of maintenance tasks to time-scales
  • Takes a proactive approach to protect your systems from failure
  • Ensures you are ahead of the curve in knowing which assets you can sweat vs which need a migration plan

Our Protect+ services available

01 System Health Checks

Our Service Engineer will visit site to audit the installed systems and proactively check for issues before they become a problem.

02 OT Cyber Security

From risk management consultancy, through to secure architecture design and system hardening, our security team has the experience and expertise across all Critical National Infrastructure verticals.

03 Embedded Resource

When you are resource constrained or have a scarcity of skills, we can provide a fully embedded resource plan aligned to your strategic or tactical objectives.

04 Rapid Response

We can offer targeted SLA’s giving you the assurance that our engineers can be mobilised and on-site in as little as 4 hours – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

05 Obsolescence Review

We will deliver an independent view on the changes required to maintain your systems, assessing how to best manage obsolescence in the most cost effective way.

06 Drive Servicing

Prolong the life of your Industrial Drives with routine servicing.

07 Installed Based Evaluation

Our Installed Base Evaluation service uses a standard methodology to collect data and deliver actionable, insights-based reports quickly.​

08 Spares Management

 Maintain and audit spares regularly to ensure they are available, in good working order and are suitable for use in the event of an active system failure.

09 Disaster Recover

Our Disaster Recovery Services aim to help you to back up, test and securely store your data, software and configuration files. 

10 Updates/Patching

We will deliver an independent view on the changes required to maintain your systems, assessing how to best manage obsolescence in the most cost effective way.

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