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Situational Awareness

Having insightful data is of great benefit to organisations, especially those operating assets at multiple and sometimes remote locations. Capula’s situational awareness solutions provide a real-time view of your operational landscape, so that those who need to know what’s happening, can respond rapidly to resolve issues. Situational awareness solutions are powerful tools that can be applied to your business environment whether that is a plant, power station, electrical grid or fleet of turbines. Based on the availability of real-time information, decision-makers within your business can make informed proactive decisions, such as where and when to deploy resources to help minimise downtime caused by such issues as equipment failures or external events.

The availability of meaningful insight about the situation on the ground improves day-to-day process and enables improved operational planning, proactive asset management, asset tracking and reporting which in turn will optimise your business performance.


  • It is possible to view real-time operational information alongside live information issued from other sources, such as data with a geographical context, including the Met Office, to see the complete picture in a single dynamic view.
  • Notifications can be configured to identify specific asset performance based on thresholds you define, to equip your leadership team with a straightforward view of critical information at a glance and help them allocate resources accordingly.
  • Real-time streaming of operational data to your laptop, tablet or smartphone for built-in, seamless situational awareness on the go.
  • Mass notification capabilities so that real-time information is visible to as many stakeholders as required, enabling you to work collaboratively, with everyone using the most recent and accurate data to create a common operational picture.
  • Large volumes of historical data can be connected with real-time sensor-based data across numerous systems to provide predictive analytics to predict future risk.
  • New sites and assets can quickly and easily be added using geographical coordinates

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