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IMPERIUM Transmission & Distribution Solutions

Today there is a fast-growing requirement for better data, increased flexibility and improved control capabilities for the transmission and distribution of power nationwide.

Capula’s IMPERIUM offering provides for all your network requirements by balancing the ever increasing demand for power with surety of supply.  It allows network and system operators to integrate low carbon energy sources into their networks with a focus on reducing energy loss and capital spend, whilst improving reliability and control for consumers.

Capula has an established client base in the energy and utilities arena and uses the latest IoT technologies to advance the digital transformation of networks. Having been involved in electricity generation and transmission since the early 1980’s, today the company is the leading supplier of substation control systems for the transmission network in England and Wales.

Our deep industry experience and broad, independent technical knowledge makes Capula the ideal partner to help you to develop powerful, cost-effective and smarter grid management solutions.

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IMPERIUM Substation Automation

IMPERIUM Substation Automation

Capula’s Imperium solution for power management is unique in its breadth and depth of offering. Its main features provide for a complete lifecycle approach to substation and energy management automation.

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