Substation Automation

Availability and performance, optimised

Whether you are looking to upgrade or expand a traditional substation infrastructure, or embarking on a digital substation project, we provide fully interoperable, technology agnostic end-to-end solutions that ensure the highest levels of availability and performance.

Resilience beyond boundaries

Our innovative approach is designed to dramatically reduce both project delivery time and the need for primary circuit outages.

For upgrade and modernisation programmes, we can design clear upgrade pathways to ensure that you maximise the reuse of existing hardware infrastructure and ensure full interoperability of systems – all whilst optimising and promoting system longevity.

Whilst our digitalised substation solution can extend the boundaries of what is possible, through  applied advanced technologies that are digitally compliance and truly interoperable.

So whatever your challenge, you can be assured that our exacting standards will match yours.

Technology agnostic

Capula is one of the largest suppliers of substation control systems for the electricity transmission network in England and Wales

Substation Automation Control Services

Legacy Modifications

DSo/DNO solutions

Full system interoperability

Technology agnostic solutions

Dynamic System Monitoring


Automatic Tap Change Controller (ATCC)

Grid balancing and optimisation

Panel Build

P&C Design

Build to Print

demand side response

Tertiary connections

National Grid Secondary Systems Frameworks

Light Current Equipment/Light Current Turnkey

Capula solutions are fully type registered and approved to National Grid and International standards, and our full lifecycle approach to system design provides clear upgrade paths and backwards compatibility to promote system longevity.

We have completed nearly 74 substation sites nationally and provide an end-to-end solution for substation control and automation, in new-build, refurbishment or system replacement projects.

Principal Contractor

Principal Designer

Our dedicated substation test an staging facility at our Staffordshire HQ

Capula is a trusted source for advanced control panel design and build services and we are able to provide a wide range of specifications. Our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced engineers guarantees high quality manufacturing services and allows us to deliver even the most complex engineered solutions.

Design Build
Power control system automation - IMPERIUM


IMPERIUM+, our latest generation control system is a substation hardened control platform developed to meet the requirements of the current and future energy network. IMPERIUM+ can handle multiple protocols including GI74, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 61850 and web client access availability, and is proven to reduce outage times to minutes rather than days or weeks.

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