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Technical Audits

We offer a range of technical audit services to meet our clients’ operational needs.  These range from surveys to optimisation of installed operational systems, spares provision for business continuity and system health checks through to operational standards and security compliance.

Examples of our capabilities in this field include an analysis of the client’s spares provision and system performance audits.

Spares provision: this is critical to any business for operational performance and business continuity and we are often approached to provide assistance in assessing the status of clients’ spares. This involves documenting the clients’ current spares, assessing the conditions of their spares including installed firmware revisions, software updates etc, and then recommending any enhancements to the spares to mitigate risk of failure.

System performance audits: this service is tailored to safeguard the performance of our clients’ operational systems and includes, for example:

  • Configuration and setup checks against OEM guidance and best practice
  • Client and server optimisation and performance tuning
  • Network analysis: assessing network routes, bottlenecks and capacity
  • Data cleansing and capacity planning
  • Database structure reviews and performance optimisation
  • Suitability of the applied backup strategy
  • Security checks based on best practice i.e. port locking, mapping, trusts etc

The output of this analysis includes a detailed report of the audit clearly highlighting our findings, issues and recommendations for future action.