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Training at Capula


Capula offers a suite of tailored training courses associated with a range a PLC, SCADA & telemetry systems including but not limited to products from some of the leading manufacturers such as Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens and GE.

Each course is tailored to meet the specific needs of the delegate and where necessary uses real life, hands-on scenarios to deliver the training material.

Our diverse engineering skill set enables Capula to deliver a range of courses, for example:

  • Software & hardware configuration
  • Electrical installations and fault finding
  • Software & hardware trouble shooting

Application Support

We undertake maintenance services to prevent system issues, down-time and loss of data. Our experienced support staff are on hand to provide clients with seamless PI system implementation activity and upgrades.


We provide product advice throughout the life cycle of clients’ systems to help optimise performance and efficiency.  As part of our auditing process we evaluate the current status of our clients’ systems to identify areas for improvement:

  • Ensure system management meets industry best practices
  • Identify actual and potential issues
  • Provide a plan for achieving the optimum level of efficiency with the minimum effort to complement capabilities and architecture

Typical audit evaluations for clients have delivered some or all of the key benefits:

  •  Lower risk of potential data loss
  • Security vulnerabilities addressed
  • Potential risk and data inaccuracies identified